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Uni-Mod EngineCrankshaft Engine
Mixed-Multi Fuel Gaseous or Liquid

Only One Fuel
Variable Compression Each Stroke
Fixed Compression Each Stroke

No Gaskets
Many Gaskets
Piston Inertia
Variable and Retrievable

Piston Inertia
Fixed and Lost
Constant Speed
Ramping Up and Down in RPM
No Idle
Idle - Most Polluting State
Variable Fluid Output
Transmission Needed
Balanced Firing
Unbalanced Firing

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The patented Uni-Mod engine is comprised of 2 combustion chambers with 2 pistons per chamber. Each engine is capable of producing roughly 50 HP. All components are built using common materials that can be easily machined. Uni-Mods operate at a constant speed and do not idle, which maximizes overall efficiency. This keeps the air-fuel mixture controlled, reducing harmful emissions. 

  Uni-Mod engines have a variable compression ratio that allows for the burning of all liquid or gaseous fuels. A built in super-charger provides air input and unlike most 2-cycles the Uni-Mod engine has what we call “perfect scavenging”, which forces the new air-fuel mixtures up against the exhaust gases in a manner that does not allow the new air-fuel mixture to go out the exhaust ports.

Stacked Uni-Mods

No Work
Max Pressure

No Inertia

Max Work
Medium Pressure

Inertia Increases

No Work
Medium Pressure
No Inertia

All of the components and operating fluids that make up a Uni-Mod engine are safely contained in uniform modular cases. A module can easily be swapped out or removed from a system for service, reducing down time to a matter of minutes.

The National Instruments program Labview was used to design this front panel above, and plot out data below.


Crankshaft Engine


  Combustion explosions impact against a long lever arm extracting as much energy as possible. During engine operation all of the components on one side of the fulcrum move simultaneously away from each other on the other side. This provides a perfectly balanced combustion sequence.

  The fluid output of our hydraulic engine is variable in pressure and volume, eliminating the need for complicated mechanical transmissions. The hydraulic Uni-Mod always has fluid power available for auxiliary power take off.

Max Work

Low Pressure

Inertia Recovered

Max Work

Low Pressure

Inertia Recovered

Max Work

Medium Pressure

Inertia Increases

​​Uni-Mod Hydraulic Engine