​All Applications

  • Variable Hydraulic Output 0 - 10,000 PSI
  • Constant Horsepower
  • Complete Fresh Air Scavenging
  • Multi-Fuel (Any Combination or Mixture)
  • Supercharged Air Input
  • Variable Piston Inertia
  • Uni-Mod Engines Do Not Idle

Vehicle Use

  • Completely Variable Torque to Wheels
  • Positive All-Wheel Drive
  • Regenerative / Anti-Skid Braking
  • Responsive Hydraulic Suspension
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Output
  • Modular Multi-Engine Drive System
  • Fuel Mileage Greater in Town than on Highway

Facility Use

  • Directly produces Electricity, Refrigeration (AC), Compressed air, & Heat as a (Heat Pump)
  • Buildings receive heat as a by product of the electricity produced on site (co-generation)
  • Safety: All engine components and fuels are housed in insulated sheds away from human occupancy

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  ​The need for efficient electrical and mechanical power generation is critical to our progress, if not to our survival. Uni-Mod Engines has developed universal, clean burning, safe methods of power generation for both electrical and mechanical energy. Our compact, opposed-piston modular engines are designed to replace central electric power plants, as well as the inefficient crankshaft engine. The Uni-Mod Engine company is prepared to lead this nation in a 20% reduction of fossil fuel use.

  The overall efficiency of a conventional internal combustion engine and transmission converts less than 20% of its fuel into usable motion. At Uni-Mod Engines we hope to increase this overall efficiency to 40%.
  The average thermal efficiency of a central power plant is around 33% and drops to about 27% by the time it reaches the consumer. Our nation’s power grid is far too expensive to maintain, vulnerable to failure, and a target for attack. Reliable, clean, and efficient power production should be a top priority in the USA.

6th Model Uni-Mod Prototype - 36" x 36" x 6"

Key Features of the Uni-Mod Engine